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Area residents applaud Vatican frescoes exhibit

During its second day of operation, the "Medieval Frescoes from the Vatican Museums Collection" at the Museum of Texas Tech brought visitors from throughout the region. Some had been planning their trips for several months.

Marshall Pharr, a member of the Docents from the Museum of Art at Amarillo College, said he and other members of the group were curious to see the art.

Pharr has visited the Vatican museums in Italy and said he wanted to see the similarities between the artwork he saw in Italy and the works in the Tech exhibit.

He said he had no specific expectations for the exhibit and would try to keep an open mind. "I'm sure I'll like it," he said.

Beverly Plank, also a Docents member, said she expected the exhibit to be fantastic. She said 66 members traveled to Lubbock, and the group had been planning the trip since November.

Ray Taylor, who accompanied the Docents, said he came because he is interested in art in general, and wanted to see a high-profile exhibit.

Catherine Ratway was among a group that came from Oklahoma City to view the art. She said her church's pastor is very interested in art, and arranged a tour group to view the exhibit.

Lubbock residents Charlene Dreyer, Jo Parker and Margaret Richardson said they enjoyed the exhibit.

"It's awesome," Dreyer said.

Parker said she normally does not enjoy art but was very impressed by the exhibit.

"Awesome. I think that pretty much covers it," she said. "This is beyond art. This is fascinating."

Richardson said the audio portion of the tour, available for $3.25, helped bring depth to the exhibit.

"Definitely, the audio enhanced it," she said.

She said the artwork will be interesting to anyone, not just Catholics, and would help "put Lubbock on the map."

"It's a wonderful opportunity to show there is a lot of culture here," she said.

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The exhibit has ended
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