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Hundreds of no-shows prompt museum to implement standby list

Museum of Texas Tech officials, taken aback by the number of no-shows on Sunday, confirmed Monday that a standby list is available for visitors who did not reserve tickets to see "Medieval Frescoes from the Vatican Museums Collection."

A total of 1,018 reservations were made for Sunday's opening; 623 ticketed guests arrived.

Gary Edson, the museum's executive director, said, "We've looked at the names of people who did not show up; many of them have reservations later this summer. Our feeling is that we have more no-shows this week because so many people made reservations right when the exhibit was announced.

"When they thought more about the best time to visit ..., they may have made other reservations and neglected to cancel the first ones."

Edson noted that it is "impossible to foresee" who will attend each hour.

"But if people genuinely want to see the exhibit at a certain time," he said, "they can come to the museum then and sign a waiting list at the ticket booth. If they'll be patient and allow us to move those with tickets along first, we will accommodate them if there is room."

Walk-ins will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Edson expects the number of no-shows to drop dramatically next week.

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