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Editorial: Vatican Art Coming

THE REV. MALCOLM L. NEYLAND, judicial vicar of the Tribunal Diocese of Lubbock, has announced that a collection of works from the Vatican Museums will be displayed at the Texas Tech Museum beginning in March 2002.

We are extremely pleased to learn that the exhibit, titled "Treasures of the Vatican, Five Centuries of Exaltation: The Heritage of Europe and the Americas 1300-1800" will be coming to the Hub City. The Vatican has never loaned its art treasures to a small market city, which adds distinction to Lubbock being selected as where these artifacts will be shown.

Vatican art treasures are usually shared through traveling exhibits that make stops in major market cities. But Vatican officials have agreed to allow the exhibit to be shown in Lubbock through June 2002. After the exhibit closes, the art treasures will be returned to the Vatican.

The artifacts that will be included in the exhibit have been allowed out of the safe keeping of Vatican officials only a few times in history. Their display in Lubbock is expected to draw national and international dignitaries, high-ranking church officials and a host of tourists.

Although there is expected to be widespread public interest in the exhibit, the Rev. Neyland said no fee will be charged for those who want to view the artworks.

The exhibit affords Lubbock a unique opportunity to present itself as the cultural oasis of West Texas that it is. This is an opportunity for Lubbock and Texas Tech to shine.

We commend those responsible for securing this exhibit and encourage civic leaders to prepare now to make the most out of the days when these art treasures are on display here.

The exhibit has ended
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