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 Vatican Exhibit 2002 Committees  



Board of Directors for the Vatican Exhibit Foundation:     

Fr. Malcolm Neyland, President and Executive Director

The Honorable Giles McCrary, Treasurer

Dr. David Hentges, V.P. and Assistant Secretary

Miss Rita Schumacher, Secretary


Steering Committee

Co-Chairs:  Dr. Donald Haragan and Fr. Malcolm Neyland
Gary Edson    Councilman T. J. Patterson
Don Graf Sally Post
Kae Hentges David Seim
Pat Jordan Gwen Stafford
Alicia Knight Fred A. Underwood
Hon. Giles McCrary Dave Walker
Rose Mediano Martha York
Linda Mires  


Hospitality and Special Events Committee

Co-Chairs:  Martha York and Linda Mires
Gary Edson Hon. Alan Henry
Joan Ervin Alicia Knight
Francine Gilbreath Jim Ratliff
Bob Goodwin Debbie Scioli
Kaye Greer Eric Strong
Denise Harris  


Diplomatic, International, National, and State Outreach Committee

Co-Chairs:  David Seim and Gwen Stafford
Candace Anderson Judge Sam Medina
Jim Courtney Bill Miller
Claude Dollins David Miller
Lynne Duncan Jane Ann Stinnett
Mark Earle Pam Underwood
Allan Judah Arnold Viramontes



Ex-Officio Members: 

Rep. Larry Combest Councilman Marc McDougal
Bobbe Crawford Rep. Tommy Merritt
Dr. Mark D’Alise Mayor Windy Sitton
Senator Robert Duncan Gary Schwantz
Rep. Carl Isett Nancy Weiss
Rep. Delwin Jones Lois Wischkaemper
Nelda Laney  

Publications Oversight and Advisory Committee (Catalog)

Chair:  Gary Edson  
Margaret Lutherer Jim Brunjes
Terry Waldren David Dean
Jerry Grimes  



Publicity and Media Committee

Co-Chairs:  David Dean, Phil Price and Dave Walker
John Armour Marge Pettway
Carolyn Chapman Sally Post
Sue Crowson Michael Reeves
Kimber Holt Kay Sanford
Eddie McBride Esther Sepeda
Councilman T. J. Patterson Fred A. Underwood
Burle Pettit  John Zwiacher



Olympics Subcommittee Chair:  David George


Education Committee

Co-Chairs:  Kae Hentges and Lee Brodie
Cathy Allen Rose Mediano
Pat Jordan Sue Wanjura
Hon. Giles McCrary  



House Committee (Museum)

Co-Chairs:  Gary Edson and Don Graf
Kay Brown  Denise Newsome
Willie Haragan Crockett White


Ex-Officio Members of All Committes:

Dr. Donald Haragan Katie Johnston
Fr. Malcolm Neyland Dave Walker
Gary Edson Rita Schumacher




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