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 Visting the exhibit  
Gary Edson, executive director for The Museum at Texas Tech, is working to make sure the atmosphere, the "feel" of the time period is conveyed to visitors at the exhibition, Neyland said.

"When you walk into the gallery, you're automatically going to feel like you're in the middle of the 11th Century," he said. "I think people will leave the museum not saying, 'Weren't these wonderful and beautiful paintings.' They will leave having gone through a quality experience."

The exhibition will be choreographed from the moment a visitor enters the doorway at The Museum, until that visitors leaves, although no time limit will be set for viewing the art works, Edson said.

"First of all, we are allocating 200 tickets per hour at this time, and our intention there is to spread the traffic flow over the entire time of the exhibit, so that we don't have 300 or 400 coming one hour and nobody coming at a later hour," he said. "There's no point having 200 people go through in the 10 minutes of the hour and then nobody in the last 15 minutes of the hour."

Edson added, "We want to keep people, as much as possible, close to their assigned times because we'll offer the introductory video on the hour." Museum security will be bolstered during the exhibition to limit the potential for disaster, Edson said.

"We have fairly extensive security anyway, in that we have not only closed-circuit TV in all of our galleries, we also have motion detectors and guards," he said. "In addition to that, we are upgrading some of our equipment for the Vatican exhibit and we also will hire additional personnel in significant numbers to be in the museum around the clock, 24-seven.

"Security will be discreet, although a presence will be evident. One of the items in the contract with the Vatican is providing appropriate security."

Since the frescoes are priceless, appropriate security means high-intensity security, he said. But the aim is to create a memorable experience for visitors, he added.

A redesigned floor plan approved for the Diamond M Gallery, where the ancient frescoes will be displayed, is only one aspect of the elaborate measures in the works to enhance the presentation, Edson said.

"Anybody who makes an effort to get here will be taken care of," he said. "We're going to make sure that they get to see what they came to see.

"We want people to go away from The Museum, away from Lubbock, saying this was a good experience."

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