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Visiting the Exhibit
Gary Edson, executive director for The Museum at Texas Tech, is working to make sure the atmosphere, the "feel" of the time period is conveyed to visitors at the exhibition. More...



Other exhibits this summer
The museum has more than frescos on display this summer.

• Blaffer Exhibition

Ornament Vendors



Museum puts natural, cultural material under the spotlight
The museum, accredited by the American Association of Museums, has a mission "to collect, preserve, interpret and disseminate knowledge about natural and cultural material from Texas, the Southwest and other regions related by natural history, heritage and climate. ... It is dedicated to acting as a responsible partner to Texas Tech and the community of museums.'' More...


Vatican exhibition aims to 'transport' visitors to Rome
When the 31 ancient, Roman frescoes go on public display June 2, 2002, the museum's Diamond M gallery will have new, curved walls installed to route patrons through the exhibit. More...

Delicate frescoes require special care
Daylight pours into the Vatican Museums' restoration studio from windows and skylights so that the restorers may match colors perfectly in areas such as borders that are repainted where the design is repetitious and may be discerned. But no guesswork is done.

Directions to the museum
Most of the museum is located at 4th and Indiana, across from the TTU Health Sciences Center and UMC Hospital. There is free public parking in front.

Getting there:

  • If you are coming from the south on US 84, go north (becomes Avenue Q) to 4th Street, turn left and follow to Indiana Avenue.
  • If you are coming from Interstate 27, take the 4th Street exit, go west to Indiana Avenue.
  • If you from the northwest on US 84, go east to Indiana Avenue, turn right and follow to 4th Street.
  • If you are coming from the southwest on US 62, go to Indiana Avenue, turn left and follow to 4th Street.

Beating the odds, West Texas priest convinces
Vatican to release art for Lubbock exhibit

The Rev. Malcolm Neyland poured heart and soul into his dream of bringing rare, ancient art works from the Vatican Museums to West Texas. More...

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